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AIA Contracts

Immediate online access to this 190 page manual.
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Know what you're getting into before you sign your next AIA contract.

Help is available for understanding complex AIA contract provisions - get it now, before you wind up with costly delays or time-consuming lawsuits. Purchase these reference materials and get a solid understanding of commonly used AIA documents and how to use them to minimize your liability.

Discover how to protect your company and avoid pitfalls such as delays, cost issues, payment disputes and much more. Know exactly what will happen if things go wrong - and how AIA contracts can help you avoid these disasters by addressing the issues upfront. Purchase these reference materials today to get the insight you need to sign your next contract with your eyes wide open.

Benefits for You
•Don't sign blindly - know your responsibilities before you start your next project
•Save valuable time by hearing our experts decipher prime construction and construction manager contracts for you
•Stop wasting time poring over endless legalese - navigate through owner-architect agreements with ease
•Stay at the forefront of your discipline - get updates on design-build documents

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe the general conditions of the contract for construction.
•You will be able to discuss owner-architect agreements.
•You will be able to explain architect-consultant agreement and construction subcontract.
•You will be able to review the 2004 edition of the design-build agreements.


William Arthur DeVan, Esq., Constructionlex, P.L.C.
James R. Newland Jr., Esq., AIA, Seyfarth Shaw LLP