.Build Domain to Help Building Contractors and Construction Companies Improve Their Online Presence

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March 17, 2014 — 1,670 views  

Very soon, contractors in the US may be able to use the .build extension in their domain names, instead of the ubiquitous .com. The new domain name will help contractors improve their online presence and give them a distinct presence on the internet. Incidentally, the .com domain extension is nearly saturated, whereas .build will cater solely to the building community.

On March 6th, Associate General Contractors of America declared that they had entered into a partnership with a business that currently holds the rights to the .build domain ending. The group is also named .Build. The two entities will now jointly advertise the availability of the domain ending and assist construction companies get .build domains for their businesses at attractive prices.

.Build CEO George Minardos said that the construction industry was lagging behind other sectors when it came to acquiring a unique online identity. He said that now these builders and building contractors will be able to take up domain extension that actually reflects their work.

The new domain ending has the blessings of the ICANN

ICANN, the controlling authority for the internet is responsible for creating the .build domain ending. The domain will launch later in 2014. A spokesperson for Associate General Contractors said that the .build domain will become integral to such companies' (construction and building contractors) presence on the web and related SEO strategies.

The launch of the new domain is an exciting development. Many websites have already taken the .com domain ending and companies that want to start websites are finding it difficult to register their names. For example, let us say that you own a company called Morris Construction and you want to start a website. But ww.morrisconstruction.com is already taken. Earlier, many companies had to settle for domain endings such as .net or .biz.

Construction companies and building contractors should hurry and pre-register their domain names

Registering a .build website will solve the problem (scarce domain names) to some extent. But you will have to hurry because many other companies may also be seeking the same domain name.

The managers at .Build have said that they will work with companies who own .com domain endings to redirect their traffic to the new domain ending, if they decide to go for the latter. The new domain is going to cost companies $99 for a year but considering the benefits, it will be worth it. The group has already started accepting pre-registrations on the new domain ending. Click here to visit the site.

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