Construction Industry Pledges to Hire 100,000 Veterans

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February 14, 2014 — 1,603 views  

Labor Secretary Tomas Perez, along with First Lady Michelle Obama recently announced a pledge made by the construction industry about hiring up to 100,000 veterans in a period of five years. This declaration is a part of the initiative that seeks to encourage support from non-government sectors for these former troops.

Around 1.5 million jobs to be given

This agreement, which involves a minimum of 100 companies, was announced as the industry looks forward to gaining around 1.5 million jobs by 2022. This has given the construction industry the eleventh highest expected rate of growth that is forecasted to be 2.6 percent every year. This information was given out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The agreement is a part of the 'Joining Forces' White House initiative which aims to bring into light the needs of the veterans and also create support from all parts of the society for them. Second Lady Jill Baden along with President Obama are leading this effort.

Obama recently expressed through an op-ed in Wall Street Journal that companies from the construction industry committed to this not because of patriotic reasons but because they wish to do  something for the veterans for their contribution towards the safety and wellbeing of the nation. He also added that the companies are also aware that this move will prove to be a smart thing for their business, which is another driving factor.

Agreement to benefit both veterans and construction industry

Industry leaders also spoke about the benefits of hiring veterans in this industry during the pledge announcement. Larry Melton, who is an executive for Bechtel Corporation, said that veterans are of extreme importance to the construction companies and the industry as a whole. He added that people who have served the military usually have the attributes that are important for the success of construction companies. These traits are discipline, agility, integrity, and most importantly, the drive to get their work done. Bechtel Corporation is one of the companies that is involved in this pledge.

Now that the announcement has been made, the Labor Department is planning to organize three roundtable discussions focusing on ways in which employers can tap into the community of veterans. The focus of these discussions will be how the veterans can involve themselves in the certification programs and apprenticeships.

Perez stated that veterans who have worked so hard for the safety of the nation deserve good job opportunities to match their achievements. He added that the Labor Department will try its best to make this happen.

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