Record-Breaking Cold Weather: How Construction Workers Stay Warm

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January 8, 2014 — 1,917 views  

While there are people who have a choice of snuggling up in their blankets to keep themselves warm, construction workers are having a tough time out there. The sub-zero climate in the nation is creating havoc on the work routine of construction workers as they are required to battle the bone-chilling cold every day. The chilly weather is coming out as a major challenge for these workers.

Construction Workers Beating the Cold

Construction workers in Greenville, SC, are working long shifts that range between ten to twelve hours. For most of them, it is not the cold but the wind which is a trouble maker. Realizing that they cannot give up on their work even under such circumstances, they are ensuring that they stay warm while working. So, apart from wearing multiple layers of clothing, they also take breaks regularly to get near a heat source.

Construction workers of Louisville, Kentucky too are in a somewhat similar position. Construction workers involved in the Ohio River Bridges Project are carrying on with their usual way of working but have made a few changes in it. They have started adding warm water to the concrete for mixing it. This keeps the concrete warm before insulated blankets are placed around the form for keeping the heat in. Walsh Construction, the company they work for, is also considerate towards them and has arranged for a warming trailer which has been placed on the barge. This allows them to fight cold while working.

Another difficulty that the workers here are facing is the rise in the level of water in the river due to snowfall and rain. This is creating problems for the workers in keeping the barges in their position. Looking at all this, Walsh even gave the workers a day off.

Getting Enough Heat

Construction workers will have to take good care of themselves in this season so that they are not affected by the extreme dip in the temperature. If skin gets exposed to severe cold constantly, it can lead to frostbite, so workers should take breaks regularly to keep themselves warm. They should stick to woolen or thermal clothing and avoid cotton as the latter is known for retaining more water. They should ensure that their clothes don’t get wet as this can lead to hypothermia. Also they should keep themselves loaded with hot food and opt for warm drinks.

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