The Controversy on the EPA's New Climate Plan

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December 18, 2013 — 1,628 views  

There have been many critics against Obamacare due to the negative impact it has had on some people, the fact that targets have not been met, and because of the various controversies it has faced. Now, the Environment Protection Agency is seen as another controversial regulatory body that could potentially have adverse impacts on the employment sector in America through its policies.

The policy in concern is one that is against the use of coal for electricity. However, by phasing out from the years 2015 to 2038, there could be a number of things that can go wrong. Employment would fall by close to 600,000 jobs, with nearly half of that figure in manufacturing industries.

Potential Problems that Could Come Out of the Climate Plan

Almost a third of all jobs relating to mining could be affected. Though the cause of the EPA is not entirely unjust, coal mining and processing provides many Americans with both jobs, and relatively cheaper electricity. By disallowing the use of coal to harness into electricity, household bills could go up by a large amount. President Obama’s climate plan could impact the economy in a bad way.

The purpose of the plan is to fight against the imminent threat of global warming. Even if people are not affected by global warming right now, experts say that future generations will have to bear the brunt of the rapidly increasing process. In order to prolong this until people develop renewable sources of energy that is inexpensive, the government is now trying to increase taxes on energy consumption to motivate every citizen to use resources with discretion.

Supporters of the Plan

Out of 35 officials in Michigan who are for the EPA and President Obama’s climate action plan, two are local leaders. State Senator Hoon Yung Hopgood and Rep. George Darany are the two Democrats who are in favor of the climate plan. The plan tries to cut down on carbon pollution so that it can lead efforts internationally in cutting down on the environmental impact. Climate change can affect the complete ecology of the world, which will in turn affect societies as well.

The most substantial contributor to this effect is human activity. There may be new policies in construction as well due to the amount of electricity that is used up and the general consumption of resources that is required for the business.

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