New Proposal to Put Cameras on Train Tracks

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December 11, 2013 — 1,749 views  

Two federal lawmakers recently proposed that trains throughout the nation should have cameras pointing towards the tracks and engineers. This announcement was made following the death of four people in a commuter train derailment in New York.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut said that he is aware of what the Metro-North will say after hearing his proposal. He expects the department to say that this proposal will add to the costs. He also clarified that the cost that this audio visual help will incur is nothing compared to that of such a tragic accident. He was accompanied by Sen. Charles Schumer of New York at the news conference organized at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

Recent Accident Reason Behind Proposal

Just a few days back, one Metro-North Railroad train hit a curve on the north Manhattan railway track. The train was speeding at 82 mph, which is almost three times more than the speed limit of 30 mph. The railway cars just sped off the tracks resulting in the front car to end up just a few inches from the meeting point of Harlem River and Hudson River.

The lawyer of William Rockefeller, the engineer of the derailed train, said that the hypnotic motion of the train might have caused the engineer to feel a ‘daze’ or ‘nod’ at the controls. However the democratic lawmakers are now asking the Federal Railroad Administration for a demand for implementation of measures that can help in preventing such accidents in the future.

Safety with Cameras

The National Transportation Safety Board had initially recommended installation of video and audio recording cameras in operating railway cabs and locomotives around five years ago. The NTSB said that it has a history of encouraging improvements which help in preventing fatal accidents.

The railroad administration had issued a statement mentioning that safety is its highest priority. Also 2012 was said to be the safest year in the history of railroading. But this recent accent has put the administration under pressure. The agency has mentioned that it is in full support of the use of recording cameras in cabs as they can help a lot in improving the present safety measures.

Schumer as well as Blumenthal believe that the use of such recording devices will be very crucial in noticing dangerous behavior like texting or falling asleep. They can also be used for determining the cause of the accident.

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