Bad Roads are Costing Drivers Money

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November 5, 2013 — 1,667 views  

Bad Roads are a common occurrence these days. Potholes can be found in several parts of roads in many places. Often, potholes begin small and later grow in size. This is probably why they are overlooked initially; nevertheless they can cause serious losses in the long run. Bad roads can also cause severe vehicle deterioration and depreciation. There are several ways in which bad roads cost money to drivers.


The most common reason for bad roads costing money to drivers is through delays. Bad roads increase the travel time by a large amount, this is because drivers try their best to avoid potholes, and this in turn makes them take non straight routes. This also leads to traffic jams and collisions. Delays affect people’s ability to reach their offices and homes on time. This in turn affects their productivity and ability to make money. In the long run, it costs a lot of money to society as a whole.

Traffic Jams

Bad roads are the most common cause for traffic jams. The consequence of bad roads is that drivers cannot utilize the entire width of the road; this reduces the effective width of the road for traffic which can lead to traffic jams. Traffic jams drastically increase the waiting time spent on roads. This costs a lot of money to everyone who drives and also to those who use the road to get to work. It is already well known that time is money, and wasting time in traffic jams is nearly the same as wasting money. It probably costs even more as it leads to road rage and increased accidents.


Bad roads are a frequent cause of accidents. Bad roads make it impossible to drive smoothly on the roads. The drivers on their part start looking for short cuts and try to overtake each other a lot. This results in an increase in accidents. It has already been observed that cities with better maintained roads have fewer accidents and injuries. City planners should take heed of this observation and ensure that all roads that they manage are free of potholes and cracks.

Vehicle Damage

Bad roads impact not only the drivers, but also the vehicles. Every time a vehicle hits a large pothole on the road, it makes a dent on the vehicle’s surface. When this happens over and over again, the vehicle loses its original condition and becomes damaged. Then it becomes a liability for the owner, who must get it repaired or suffer the consequences of traveling in a damaged vehicle. Repair of a vehicle can cost a lot in terms of insurance and loss in resale value. Vehicle damage affects not only the drivers, but also the owners of the vehicle as well as anybody else who uses the vehicle.

In conclusion, it can be said that road maintenance should be a high priority issue for any city planner, engineer, or developer. Roads are a key asset of any city and society in general, and maintaining them requires adequate federal funding. Good roads are a symbol of a well-functioning society. It is thus imperative to ensure that roads remain in good condition.

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