Building Blocks Being Created for Tallest Pre-Fabricated Residence in the World

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October 16, 2013 — 1,722 views  

You may have heard about individual houses made from pre-fabricated modules. But have you ever heard of a residential building constructed out of pre-fabricated modules? Probably not. But that is exactly what Forest City Ratner is doing.

Where is the Building Being Constructed?

Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards is a hub of activity. This is the site Forest City Ratner has chosen to install the tallest pre-fabricated building in the world- a tower that will be 322 feet high when it is finally completed. The apartment units for the building are being manufactured in a factory located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The factory is only the site for the fabrication. The actual assembly will be done over at the site.

Forest City Ratner's Executive Vice-president (Construction), Bob Sanna, has said that the company's pre-fabricated apartments are a game changer that will change people's perception about construction.

Why Modular Buildings?

Modular construction is an emerging field that can save up to 25% of the funds that you would normally put into a traditional construction, providing greater efficiency and speed. Worker conditions are also better.

Once the building is assembled and after the addition of the exterior skin, it will resemble other skyscrapers. The assembly can also be done quickly because the work at the construction site and the factory are happening simultaneously. Weather is not a problem either because the finished units are only brought to the site when the need arises.

Bob Sanna also said that the process is quickened and a worker from one unit (carpenter) does not have to wait for a worker from another unit (electrician) to complete his job in order to start working.

With the right furnishings, the pre-fabricated apartments will not be much different from other traditionally built apartments.

Citizens Housing and Planning Commission executive Director, Jerilyn Perine said that many projects that were earlier abandoned for being unfeasible or expensive may not get built.

Work at the Factory

The factory is just like any other construction site. Carpenters, drywall workers and welders are busing working building apartments just like they would have on an outdoor building. The 930 modules that are being fabricated for the Atlantic Yards building will be finally configured into 363 units, ranging from three bedroom hall kitchens to studio apartments.

Interestingly, Forest City Ratner's project is not the first pre-fabricated building in the world. The Chinese had built a 30 story hotel in Hunan province called the Ark Hotel, in a record time of just 15 days. This hotel is so strong it can even withstand a 9 magnitude earthquake.

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