New Affirmative Action Rule for Construction Contractors

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September 25, 2013 — 1,583 views  

Construction contractors who work for the federal government know that regulations are continually changing. Now the final rules have come out which has started much discussion among people in this line of business. These new laws are applicable to those who are covered contractors. The difference between contractors and contractors that are covered is that covered ones are the ones that have non-exempt contracts and subcontracts, along with a construction contracted that is federally assisted.

According to these contracts, there now needs to be a minimum of eight percent as the hiring benchmark for those who have the VEVRAA credentials. This is so that people who are a part of this have a job assurance in the construction business. Since covered contractors are affiliated to the federal government, it is a regulation that they must follow. While they keep in mind that they have to keep this margin specifically for these people, the government ensures that there are others that these companies need to hire as well.

Regulations to Help Veterans and Differently Abled

As per regulation, there has to be a seven percent hiring goal meant just for people with different disabilities. This quota is very effective in providing jobs to people who are handicapable. People who are physically challenged should have a fair chance to earn a living in today’s world. With the extreme level of capitalism and competitive behavior, it is the duty of the government to ensure that these people find jobs that can help them sustain themselves.

Law to be in Action Next Year

In order to level the playing field for large companies, it is mandatory to try to incorporate such differently abled people so that there are a large number of jobs available for them. The rule has come out on the 24th of September, but will be put into action in March 2014. With the coming of the new law, veterans and people with physical disabilities are looking forward to working at construction companies.

These laws not only improve the chances for these people to get employment, they also help bridge the gap between them and mainstream society so that there is no stigmatization. Veterans often find it difficult to get back into a normal lifestyle, and therefore may be pleased to know that there will be others in the same place as they are, managing the same way.

How the Law is Different from how it was before

Earlier on, there was already some legislation regarding the hiring of certain people to ensure their employment. This is the first time however, where construction companies that are covered are asked to take on the responsibility of setting utilization goals.

Apart from just setting the goals, the corporations are required to maintain hiring benchmarks again. There has to be an efficient system of data input and analysis to ensure that these regulations are being met. The affirmative action makes sure that this data complies with the final set of rules.

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