Colorado’s Flood Recovery

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September 18, 2013 — 1,788 views  

Colorado’s most damaging rainfall in the past few days and the resultant floods are said to have taken the lives of at least seven people. The severe water-logging and flood in Boulder has caused damage to over a hundred houses, and has left several hundreds of citizens missing. Further, close to 30 commercial properties have been damaged, with one completely demolished.

Flood Statistics and Data Acquired

Almost three thousand houses have in fact had to face at least a little damage due to the flood. In other parts like Larimer County, the numbers of buildings that have undergone devastating circumstances run into the thousands. However, there is some good news too. Due to efforts taken by rescue teams, the number of people who were missing has drastically fallen. Hundreds of people have been air-lifted through rescue operations and brought to safer locations.

Weather Starting to Become Better for Relief Measures and Airlifts

These relief teams have found it difficult to take action effectively due to the bad weather in the affected regions. Recently, the weather has looked slightly better, which is why there have been some positive results. Emergency airlifts are continuing to ensure that a maximum number of people can be brought to safety. The number of people that were unaccounted for has finally come down to 580.

Missing Persons Toll Reducing Gradually

As teams continue to strive to bring the number lower and lower, things are looking a little better for the people affected by the flood. The next challenge after rescuing the remaining people, lies in the replacement of the infrastructure in a safe and secure manner. As of now, bridges and other structures are collapsing on a regular basis across the hundreds of miles of the affected area. Roads are blocked and debris in the water could prove to be very dangerous, which is why further action has to be taken with utmost caution.

Another reason for the victims to heave a sigh of relief is that a predicted five million dollars will be sent for their aide. While over 6,000 people have already asked for federal assistance, at least 3,000 people have undergone the evacuation procedure and are now safe. There seems to be a gradual recovery from this devastating set of events, and people are finally having a more positive outlook on the future.

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