Tokyo's Happy Place: Hosting 2020 Olympics & Awarded Climate Leadership

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September 11, 2013 — 1,647 views  

Naoki Inose, Mayor of Tokyo couldn’t be any happier. His city was recently announced as the host of the Summer Olympic Games that will be held in 2020. Just when he started working on the prestigious event organization, Tokyo made him proud once again. The capital of the country won City Climate Leadership Award. This award was given to Tokyo for the organizing the first ever greenhouse gas cap and trade program at city level.

A Proud Moment for Tokyo

This award ceremony consisted of a judging panel that included seven eminent members representing the field of politics, architecture and finance. Siemens and C40 examined a total of 37 projects in close to 30 global cities to come to the decision.

Mayor Naoki Inose said at a press conference in Argentina that he hopes to share this good news of getting the opportunity of hosting the Olympic event with the residents of Japan, as soon as possible. He also mentioned that he expects the Games to bring some encouragement to the 2011 tsunami and earthquake affected areas.

Dealing with the Nuclear Meltdown in Tsunami Affected Areas

The tsunami and earthquake in 2011 that led to severe devastation in the country also resulted in a nuclear meltdown at the nuclear power plant located at Fukushima Daiichi. The operator of the plant said that a spike has been recorded in the amount of radioactive substances that have been found in the groundwater near the damaged plant. The Electric Power Company of Tokyo cautioned that leakage of the contaminated water may be spreading and needs to be stopped soon to prevent further damage.

The officials of the electric company said that they found an alarming amount of strontium in one of the monitoring wells of the area. A sample collected from the area revealed the presence of high amount of tritium in it.

The experts of the Electric Power Company of Tokyo along with the government officials recently met to discuss this matter. In the meeting they discussed ways of stopping the hazardous radioactive water leakage from the plant that is making its way into the Pacific Ocean.

On the other hand, the government of Japan is also staring its preparations for the Summer Olympics that will be held here. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of the country, along with the cabinet ministers will soon have a meeting to make sure that the 2020 games turn out to be successful and are organized in a safe and secure environment.

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