Determining Property Damages

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April 12, 2013 — 1,946 views  

Water-related problems like rain, floods, water seepage, and resulting mold build-up can make a building very uninhabitable. Moisture content in a building can cause extensive damage to furniture as well as lead to safety and health issues. Breathing in air with mold and other impurities is associated with some respiratory illnesses like asthma. That is why it is essential that professionals in the construction and restoration business should make a proper assessment of property damages. Once they evaluate the situation, they can develop a restoration plan to conduct building repairs and re-establish the appropriate standards. When conducting building repairs, it is essential to follow appropriate building codes to ensure effective and long-lasting results.

Damage Evaluation

A damage evaluation service is one of the first teams that are called for their services after a structure has been affected by a natural disaster or accident. That is why having a thorough knowledge about the effects that disasters can have on a building’s elements is vital for a good evaluation professional. 

A proper evaluation of a property that has suffered damages will include an assessment of all areas that have been damaged by the disaster. Then it will recognize the right quantities and pricing for the materials needed for repairs. Next in the process is identifying the appropriate method that should be followed to restore the property. Lastly, provide the needed information that the property owner will require to claim insurance.

In order to provide the owner with the exact estimates of damage for their insurance claim procedures, it is also important that the evaluation professionals use the same methods that the insurance company uses to estimate property damages. Timely evaluation is also essential in getting insurance claims.

Remediation to Meet Standards

Even if a property does not seem to be severely damaged by the disaster, there can a number of problems that make it unsuitable and even at times hazardous to live in. Gas leaks, non-functional cooling or heating systems, water seepage, mold and mildew formation, etc. can be some of the reasons why the property cannot be used until is the problems are fixed.

Of these reasons, mold causes heavy damage to your structure as well as your health. That is why it is very important that a repair professional takes important steps to completely remove the mold and prevent it from growing again. One of the first things to do to stop this growth is to identify and stop the source that is allowing moisture to enter the building. You can let in some sunlight and air, restore or install proper wall insulation, and use non-porous building supplies. You can also make use of dehumidifiers and household cleaners to deal with this issue.

It is also important to stop the mold from growing again. This can be done through various methods like better insulation, proper ventilation and heating systems, and effective air conditioning. Another method used is fabric restoration in which all your clothing and fabric is treated for mold content, including mold spores. This method prevents damage from mold and eliminates odors as well. Yet another successful method is the one in which dry fog consisting of an EPA approved chemical is filled in a room. This dry fog effectively kills the mold and stops its regeneration.

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