Benefits of using change orders

March 22, 2012 — 1,616 views  

If you are a construction expert, you know that snags sometimes occur to make a foreman deviate from an original plan. Though this is natural and in some cases unavoidable, customers can still become frustrated if things are not going exactly as planned and established in a contract. In the worst-case scenario, this could result in a lengthy civil suit for improper business practices. Change orders can be employed to re-negotiate the terms of a service contract if any unexpected situations arise, and should be used if trouble is anticipated.

Change orders are addendums to leases or contracts that describe additional services or removed items. Construction professionals who need to alter a plan should use a change order to formalize the new strategy with the client.

For example, a tile mason who estimated that a kitchen floor would take three days and $10,000 to remodel might discover that he could finish in a single day if he had an additional $1,200. In this situation, he would draft a change order to request increased funds and detail the new timeline of the work. This way, there would be no possibility of a disagreement.