How to Win Procurement Contracts

Nelson Nigel
March 13, 2012 — 1,471 views  

As a business owner, there is only one thing on your mind - progress. This means that you and your business will have to move forward with bigger steps that you used to make. Most entrepreneurs think of aiming to win procurement contracts as a means to achieve the higher level that they want. Procurement per se is a very lucrative venture. The most common area is public procurement or government procurement.

If you want to win procurement contracts, then you have to be assertive, competitive, and strategic. This should be done or you will not be able to even become a worthy candidate to win procurement contracts. It is very challenging to consider providing products or services to the government but the rewards will be great if you give it your all. Once you deliver what the government agency wants, then you will have the best advertisement for your business and a possible renewal of the contract.

What You Should Do to Win That Coveted Contract

Even if providing services and products to the government can benefit your company, you should always remember that it comes with a tedious challenge and a heavy responsibility. You must keep in mind that you are going to be paid with taxpayer's money so the government agency will definitely want nothing less of the best from what you can provide. To win procurement contracts from the government, you need to consider the following:



  • Check your goods and services: As a determined and responsible business owner, you should know what products or services the government may need. Also determine if your company would be able to provide them. You could effectively do this by doing the needed research. Know about how other businesses were successful in providing for the government. For you to win procurement contracts from the government, you have to find out how your products or services can uniquely help the project at hand.



  • Know the agency's needs: Get in touch with the government agency and know about what they need. You could ask the SBA (Small Business Administration) for some guidance with regard to this. This organization has PCR (Procurement Center Representatives) that help business owners like you to win the contract.



  • Register on CCR: Be registered through the CCR (Central Contractor Registration) so that you will be included in the list of vendors and suppliers that the government agencies may consider.1



  • Look for perfect bids: Excellent bidding is not the only key to get that government contract. You have to know if your business will really be able to benefit from the bid itself. It should be perfect for your company so that in turn, your company will be perfect for the project.



  • Analyze the bid: Part of the goal to win procurement contracts under the government is that you should be able to really get your feet wet and understand what the project really is. Price is heavy consideration so you should really take time to study so look at all sides before making that bid.



Be sure to remain realistic in your aim to win procurement contracts. There is no use in trying to impress the agency decision makers by being too unbelievably perfect when you know that you still have a long way to go in government procurement.



Nelson Nigel

Nelson Nigel heads Nelson Nigel New York, a procurement firm, together with Head Exposed, a multi-media company specializing in procurement management process. He has also been awarded with SBA's Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. This article is about how to win procurement contracts.