Five Tricks Every Construction Manager Must Know

Eric Law
February 14, 2012 — 1,500 views  

Everyone who has managed a construction project knows that the biggest headaches are caused by lack of communication. Countless hours and dollars can be wasted due to simple oversights or missed information. Before you embark on your next project, consider the benefits that construction management software can provide.

Here are five simple tricks for better communication you can employ with a project management application.

Make sure everyone is included on the most vital construction project information.

Project managers know how easy it is to leave someone off of a communication unintentionally. Not only are you working with your own employees and clients, but with subcontractors, government inspectors, and others you may have not even met! With construction project management software, you can ensure that communications that need to get to everyone on your list actually get there! Not only can you easily add to the distribution list, but others can as well. This concept, called distributed administration, means that rather than having the sole responsibility for communication fall on you, you can get help from others on the project!

Be aware of information overload during your project. Selectively communicate other data so players are not overwhelmed.

There are those who prefer to be kept on a need-to-know basis. Some information on a project is confidential, or doesn't need to be communicated to everyone. With the customizable features that construction project management software can provide, people can choose to view just the information they need. The construction manager can easily view who has received the information and who has read it, making it easy to see who is informed.

Make approvals for the next step in the project fast and simple.

Waiting on paperwork for approvals or changes can really slow down the processes vital to a project's completion. Clients and managers alike hate to see work crews stalled due to a hold-up somewhere in the chain of command. With construction management software, you can manage communications to enable rapid decision and instant notification. With a simple mouse-click, or the tap of a screen, a change or approval can be made and distributed to all the people involved in that decision. Work moves forward and the project gets done!

Keep your client's interests protected by controlling the flow of information.

Of course, too much information can be a bad thing. Your client deserves the protection that construction management software can provide. As a the project manager, you manage the settings that decide who sees what information about your project. Whether you're protecting bids, private memos, or financial information, the user permissions inside your construction project management system make it easy to control the flow of information on any project.

Use your construction project management reporting tools to keep everyone up-to-date on your project.

Reporting is vital to the success of any construction project. When people involved in a construction project receive an easy-to-understand report that visually communicates progress, everyone involved gains confidence in your construction management abilities. With construction project management software, you can create reports easily using a report building tool and then print, save, or export the reports to easily transferable formats.

With these give great tricks you can employ in construction project management, enabled by construction project management software, you'll see better results for your clients, your fellow employees, and your business!



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Eric Law

Eric Law is the Founder and CEO of EADOC.