Modifying Steel Frames

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August 14, 2013 — 1,827 views  

Steel frames are the backbone of most modern day structures and getting their construction design and execution right is imperative to guarantee the dependability, as well as the durability of any project. The importance of designing steel frames properly is sometimes taken for granted and a lot of low budget builders tend to cut corners around this vital aspect without understanding the cost they might pay as a result of a shaky construction.

Benefits of Steel Frames

While there are other materials that some builders may use to construct the framework of a building, the use of steel has a number of advantages that is not usually collectively seen together in most other materials. For instance, steel frames are rather cost effective in the grand scheme of things as most of the steel frame components are easy and quick to assemble - thereby cutting down on excessive labor costs and speeding up the entire process as well. Durability and safety of structures should never be understated. The strength of steel frames goes a long way into helping a construction stand up against a real battering.

Fire resistance is another benefit of using steel frames. In case of a fire, the steel frames will be able to hold the structure up to allow rescue operations to save as many people as possible without parts of the building collapsing. Another benefit of steel frames is the fact that the entire molecular structure means that the material will not suffer any kind of degradation over time and is also corrosion resistant - making it one of the strongest materials for building framework around.

Steel frames are also the result of a renewable source of material as structural steel is known to be the most recycled material on the planet.

Modification and Design Issues with Steel Frames

As with any kind of construction, the ability for material to be conducive to last minute design changes is essential. Modifying steel frames and the possibility to do so is one of the most important aspects of why this material is so widely used all over the world. The fact that a building will usually see aspects of it required to be changed in order to cater to ever-evolving business as well as living requirements means that a building with steel frames are easier to work with in terms of their ability to be transformed.

Steel frames allow a better and more durable framework to increase any floor loads for equipment as well as storage, while also allowing electrical changes to be incorporated faster and more effectively. Moreover, there is also the option of simply attaching steel plates to existing steel columns and beams in order to allow greater loads to be handled within the structure.

As a result, you can see why steel frames are becoming an increasingly popular choice of material when it comes to construction design and execution. The fact that there is also a lot of the material readily available contributes to speeding up the entire construction process. Now inventory is available for shipping just within days after an order has been received - thereby significantly cutting down any wait time involved in receiving raw material at the construction site.

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