Benefits of Pervious Pavement

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February 5, 2013 — 2,085 views  

If you are looking forward to spruce up your outdoor spaces, whether patio or driveway, you need to consider the material you are going to use for paving. It could be asphalt or concrete. It would be better to choose pervious pavement for its unique advantages over impervious concrete or asphalt. Concrete and asphalt do not offer comparable advantages as with a pervious material that allows water to seep through the material itself or through the joints of construction. This unique characteristic of pervious material alone outweighs cost or other advantages of concrete or asphalt. Here are some of the unique advantages of a permeable surface.

Better Irrigation

Irrigation is a water-intensive activity. However, when you do not allow the surface water to seep through, you are literally wasting it away. On the contrary, when you allow the water to seep through the ground, you are also ensuring that the direct and surrounding area has enough water for irrigational needs that they derive naturally. In other words, you will not need to irrigate the plants and vegetation in the surrounding area artificially. This saves you time, money, and additional efforts, since you will no longer require irrigating the plants and vegetation within and surrounding the place where you live.

Effective Surface Water Management

There is something terribly wrong with the way we currently manage our surface water resources. Have you noticed how badly your town is impacted by only a day’s heavy downpour with choked sewage system and seamless cesspools? A better water management system with pervious surface not only absorbs and cleans the surface water but manages and recycles water naturally and efficiently. You can contribute to the efficient surface water management if you choose pervious pavement in place of concrete or asphalt surface.

Cool Ambiance

Pervious pavement offers cool ambiance. When water seeps to the ground constantly year round, the surface and surrounding temperature falls down offering a cool ambiance. It will feel pleasant even with scorching heat. On the other hand, you do not get this advantage with concrete or asphalt pavement. In fact, the hard concrete or asphalt pavement can raise temperature not only because the parched surface devoid of moisture radiates heat but also due to the fact that the surface retains heat as well. If the permeable surfaces used are light in color, they help reflect incoming heat and thereby add further to the cool ambiance.  

Aesthetic Appeal

Pervious pavement looks better and elegant. In contrast, the concrete and asphalt pavement look ugly and boring. Additionally, they may require expensive maintenance. So, pervious pavement is certainly the better option not just for its low maintenance but also for its environment friendliness, better looks, aesthetic appeal, and several more reasons indicated above. Pervious surfaces look naturally appealing, and they are available in a range of styles and colors, including river rocks, gravel, standard wood decking, pervious concrete, and several more. When you choose to go ahead with pervious surface, you can be said to have taken the right decision for your pavement.

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