How to Successfully Avoid Scope Creep

Association of Construction and Development
July 18, 2012 — 1,307 views  

Scope creep occurs when you find yourself expanding a construction project outside of its initial objectives. There is a variety of reasons why this may happen, and it can severely damage your ability to maintain a budget and schedule.

Examine the following steps to avoid such problems during a project.

1. Develop a project vision - Clearly defined goals can help you determine the best way to effectively finish a project. Providing your staff with an overview of the project allows your team to work together and create a unified vision.

2. Manage your priorities - It's rare that a project goes entirely according to plan, and you can prepare for possible variables by controlling your priorities. Evaluating the actual work requirements and developing a schedule can help you differentiate between what needs to be done immediately and what might be able to wait.

3. Expect scope creep - With a solid strategy in place, you'll be equipped to handle any problems that could rise during a project. For example, having change order forms on hand gives you the opportunity to perform instant cost-benefit analysis if there is a change that may need to be implemented.

Association of Construction and Development