Minimizing Risk for Design Professionals

Association of Construction and Development
July 17, 2012 — 1,374 views  

In today's high-profile industries, even the best design professional can find himself or herself facing a lawsuit. As a result, an individual may want to consider setting up certain protections to better ensure litigation cannot have a lasting, harmful impact on a career.


First, evaluate the design risk. According to consulting law firm Weil and Drage, certain projects and clients are inherently more prone to litigation. For example, condominiums are risky and statistically suffer litigation often. In contrast, commercial properties are rarely named in a lawsuit. In addition, a design professional must always be careful to evaluate the scope of services provided within the contract. More often than not, the scope-of-services clause will save a professional from going through a complicated suit.


In addition, insurance for design professionals can offer individuals peace of mind if they are ever found at fault - similar to malpractice insurance for a medical professional. The liability insurance offers a second type of protection. Risk management options such as these are considered a smart investment for design professionals.

Association of Construction and Development