Tips on Preventing and Stopping Scope Creep

April 2, 2012 — 1,334 views  

Though many businesses and professionals are well-versed in corporate strategy, many of them often overlook the importance of preventing scope creep. This term is defined as the eventual deviation from a financial or operational plan. It can cause unexpected costs that inflate a budget beyond its maximum parameters, along with a number of infrastructure problems that might lead to cancellation of the entire expenditure. However, a few guidelines may be followed by contractors to minimize the possibility of scope creep.

The first step is appointing a reliable project manager or team. These people should be trusted to handle the most sensitive parts of an operation, and be able to think quickly in the event of an unexpected snag. They also must do their theoretical homework on a situation - the due date, maximum budget and minimum performance specifications should all be outlined in a formal, detailed document.

Communication of project objectives is also key - contractors, supervisors, clients and workers all must maintain open channels of correspondence during hectic times to ensure that eventual goals are kept in mind. An organized, well-spoken team of four people is worth more than a hundred confused workers.

By following a solid plan and employing a revolving door policy, any professional can minimize the chance of scope creep.