Pennsylvania Green Tax Credits: Money for Saving the Planet!

Richard Brown
January 3, 2012 — 1,243 views  

$406 million of Pennsylvania's Recovery and Investment Act money is being spent on energy and the environment. Some of that must translate into Pennsylvania green tax credits. Let's watch Pennsylvania's tax dollars at work.

Pennsylvania green tax credits are spread throughout the state on a variety of levels. There are opportunities for consumers, homeowners, and small businesses. Even some cars are eligible.

First there's the Keystone Help loan program. Under the Recovery Act, the state has been able to expand it to give loans for putting geothermal systems in homes. These loans have a low interest rate, and can be done as a single project or part of updating an entire dwelling.

Wind farms are another way that Pennsylvania green tax credits have brought investments into this state. Two wind farms in Pennsylvania have received funding that will allow them to build plants capable of providing power to a total of 59,000 residences. If you are looking into buying your own wind turbines, here's a place to start:

Building green and sustainable communities is definitely important to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has made their solar panel permit process quicker and easier to get through. Throughout the state, power companies are required to buy a certain percentage of their supply from green sources. The governor's green council is also working to guide schools through green certification as they're built or renovated.

Small businesses are not left out of Pennsylvania green tax credits either. There is an ongoing project helping fund businesses that want to save money and energy. The Advantage Grant is a 50/50 partnership designed to improve business savings and cut down on pollution/energy use at the same time. The only ones not eligible for Pennsylvania green tax credits from this project are franchisees or part of a larger business structure.

There is also a chance to upgrade your car. They offer citizens a rebate on brand new alternative fuel vehicles. The cars and scooters covered include plug in electric and fuel cells. Hybrid and biodiesel cars are not qualified. An example of other ways to power a car can be seen here:

Pennsylvania is dedicated to going green and making sure it's affordable. Tax credits put money into local communities and help achieve that goal. If you've been putting green upgrades off, now is the time to get it done and get money back.


Richard Brown

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