5 “Green” Retrofits Electricians Should Be Pitching to Drive Business

Houston Neal
May 26, 2010 — 1,468 views  

A fast growing segment of the green construction market is building retrofits. Numerous reports indicate retrofitting will become a huge market over the next three to four years. To take advantage of upcoming opportunities, electricians will need to “green” their skill-set.

Software Advice recently put together a guide on 5 retrofits electricians should be promoting to drive more business. While the guide is intedned for electricians, it can be used by any homeowner or building owner looking to adopt sustainable building practices. Here's a quick look at their five suggested retrofits:

1) Relamping - According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), lighting accounts for more than 40 perent of the commercial sector’s electricity consumption. Installing energy efficient lamps singnificantly reduces lighting energy use. Not only does this present a great opportunity for electricians, it also presents a great opportunity for building owners to reduce costs and energy at the same time.

2) Daylight Harvesting - Daylight harvesting is the practice of reducing artificial light in a room when sunlight is available. The system uses photosensors to detect light levels in a room. According to a study performed by the NRC Institute for Research in Construction, it can reduce lighting energy costs by 20 to 60%!

3) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Retrofits - As electricians move into the role of energy contractors, they will need to provide a complete energy solution for building owners. For example, they should consider installing electrical consumption economizers – devices that reduce energy use of AC units – or programmable thermostats that optimize efficiency of HVAC equipment.

4) Grid-tie Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems - “Grid-tie” solar systems allow buildings to remain connected to the utility power grid and disconnect when enough solar power is available. Because these systems actually generate electricity, building owners may be able to receive payment or energy credits from their utility company.

5) Energy Management Systems and Monitoring Devices - With the aim of helping consumers monitor and manage energy consumption, these programs have the potential to drastically reduce our country’s carbon emissions. Studies show that giving consumers access to detailed home energy information results in 5 to 15% savings on monthly electricity. If half our country adopted these systems, Google says this would be the equivalent of taking eight million cars off the road!

To read the full report, visit: 5 "Green" Retrofits Electricians Should Be Pitching to Drive Business

Houston Neal

Software Advice

Houston Neal is the director of marketing at Software Advice, a free online resource with reviews and comparisons of construction software.