Construction Safety Management Plan

Martin Sejas
January 25, 2010 — 1,081 views  

Construction Safety Management Plans (CSMP) must be specific to the organization and to the project, in other words you cannot have a generic CSMP; they will not be accepted by OSHA inspectors when they visit and audit your worksite.

Experience has shown that the best written CSMP are those prepared with consultation of key players of the delivery team ie coalface staff and first line management (work supervisors, team leaders and employees). Employees take ownership of the CSMP written in consultation with them and embrace them much more at the time of implementation.

Furthermore, the CSMP must reflect your organization and current work practices and not someone else work methods. What I mean is that when you write up your Construction Safety Management Plans, it must be written around your current work practices and the way you run your business. For example, for excavation works each organization may have its own way of doing the activity and some may use different type of equipment.

In this regard, you and only you know your own organization and the methods of work to deliver your projects, you know your costs, equipment and resources available and to comply with OSHA requirements you can always tailor your CSMP around your organization needs.

You can get help from OSH consultants to structure your CSMP, they will look at the plan with an auditor's eyes to see if it complies with OSHA standards, but they will not help with the best practices of the industry, they may not have the experience in your field; you are the most qualified and experience person in your business.

Another great resource to get assistance with your CSMP is the Internet where you can find lots of "ready to download plans." However, always keep in mind (as I said before) that the Construction Safety Management Plan must be specific to your organization and specific to each project.

Ensafe Planning Solutions is a small company offering professionally written & structured construction safety plans for small and medium sized contractors in the USA building & construction industry. The plan has been developed to comply with OSHA standards and is written in a way that you can tailor with minor touches to your organization and your project. Download your own construction safety management plan today from our website today.

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