The Definition of Sustainable Development

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The definition of sustainable development is a broad concept that implements meeting the economic, environmental, and sociopolitical needs of the present generation without endangering future generations. In the workforce companies have personal sustainability projects which brings the definition of sustainable development down to a personal level. Recycling cardboard boxes, paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and bags is something that the individual can do to maintain their environment.

Recycling at work and in the home keeps these materials out of the landfills. Some new up and coming companies have employed the definition of sustainable development by creating skylights in their ceilings to save electricity. Changing light bulbs from conventional to the energy saving kind in the workplace and the home is just another way to actively promote the definition of sustainable development. In short, the definition of sustainable development is to reuse, recycle and renew.

The key to the definition of sustainable development is balance. Balancing the basic needs of the people around the world with with the various ecosystems. Some of the main objectives are to do no harm to the environment, no harm to the people of present and future generations related to their physical, and socioeconomic status. Recognizing that the global definition of sustainable development is broad, and that strategies are put into place to allow for socioeconomic and environmental balance around the world; developing countries have an opportunity to catch up socioeconomically with the rest of the world.

Developing countries are now doing much better economically due to outsourcing. Countries like the US and other large countries save money by outsourcing work to companies in other countries. When you talk to a customer service representative for your Internet service, you may be speaking to someone who is trained to help you remotely from the other side of the world. The computer you are sitting in front of may have been manufactured in India; this allows for more people around the world to have access to affordable well made computers. Outsourcing has helped to raise the standard of living in many developing countries.

Educating and training employees around the world through workshops and seminars help people adapt to new technologies. Employees learn to make changes as policies change in the workplace; this helps the company to be more efficient, and allows for more profits, and profit sharing. The definition of sustainable development includes a very wide scope of interdisciplinary systems, such as creating workshops to teach business etiquette, and business grammar when relating to people in the workforce and on the phone with customer service. The scope of the definition of sustainable development is so vast that one could go on indefinitely.

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