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February 18, 2013 – 2,030 views
Association of Construction and Development
Most of the builders today provide different payment remedies like the EMI sharing plan, flexi-payment plan, and the construction-linked plan. There are different benefits that the builder as well as the buyer gets. The builders must know the costs and penalties to levy if the payments are not made on time. Flats or buildings under such options are booked before the start of the construction. It happens to be a win-win situation for the buyers as well as builders, since buyers can block the prices much before buying it, and builders receive funds to construct... Full Story 
February 18, 2013 – 1,827 views
Association of Construction and Development
Any building or home is incomplete without a piping system in place. Piping is needed for the supply of water as well as for disposing waste water away from the structure. The material selection for piping is of prime importance. Improper material can lead to hazardous effects on public health and on the environment. It can easily reduce the life of the piping system and due to this, the buildings may need repair or replacement of piping systems often. It may increase the overall cost as well... Full Story 
February 15, 2013 – 1,786 views
Association of Construction and Development
Floodplains are responsible for a variety of natural functions such as ground water recharging, prevention of soil erosion, temporary flood water storage, and maintenance of water quality. They also provide habitation to wildlife. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) enjoys the participation of all the counties in Maryland and 92 odd municipalities. Under the National Flood Insurance Program, property owners in the participating social groups are endowed with flood insurance. In exchange, the local governments are required to... Full Story 
February 15, 2013 – 2,803 views
Association of Construction and Development
Civil structures, especially tall buildings, have deep foundations for apparent reasons of rigidity, safety, and reliability of the concerned structures. Quality control of deep foundations is a critical component in the construction of such structures... Full Story 
February 12, 2013 – 2,753 views
Association of Construction and Development
Regular dam inspection is important for several reasons other than to protect its integrity and avoid costly repairs. If not maintained and inspected, dam failure might lead to loss of life, property, water supply, and livelihood. Additionally, severe environmental consequences may follow if dam maintenance and dam repair are not conducted regularly... Full Story 
February 11, 2013 – 3,656 views
Association of Construction and Development
The field of construction is a complex one. In large scale or medium scale construction projects, owners hire contractors to finish the job and deliver a result. In this process, the prime contractor further enlists the services of a sub-contractor to finish specific jobs like plumbing, dry wall installation, or electrical wiring. The interaction between the three parties is governed by the terms of the contract signed between each other. Thus the contract takes prime importance... Full Story 
February 8, 2013 – 2,490 views
Association of Construction and Development
The International Building Code (IBC) aims to standardize construction of buildings in the United States of America. Chapter 10 of the IBC deals with “means of egress”. There are 29 sections within this chapter that discuss the various provisions which must be incorporated to meet the requirement of the code. These are discussed hereunder... Full Story 
February 6, 2013 – 1,925 views
Adam Hornyak - Hawthorne Partners
2013 is poised for the first industry upswing in years, but are builders prepared for the change?... Full Story